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Best Vegan Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

As much as the Christmas holidays still feel like just yesterday, Valentine's day is the next big commercial holiday coming up. 

And, while you may feel like you have a lot of time to get your partner a gift, the time slips away quite fast. 

If you have a vegan partner, you likely will be looking for vegan Valentine's Day gifts for your loved one. 

Finding the best vegan Valentine's Day gifts can show your special someone that you are happy they are in your life.

10 Vegan Valentine's Gifts For That Special Someone

Have you started your shopping but haven't been inspired? Here are 10 budget friendly and vegan Valentine's Day gifts that you might consider purchasing for your loved one.

1. Vegan Bath Products

If your vegan Valentine likes enjoying a nice bath after a long day, you might find success shopping for vegan bath products. 

Look for products that have fresh and sweet scents or muted and masculine scents, depending on what your other half might prefer. 

Look for a bottle of vegan bubble bath, a body scrub, a bath bomb, and other products that can be used to pamper your significant other.

2. Vegan Coffee

Coffee is a popular gift for many people. Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to find some vegan and fair trade coffee to treat your special someone with. 

Additionally, many vegan coffee brands also feature compostable packaging, making this option even better. 

You can purchase vegan friendly coffee options at many local coffee shops and farmers markets so you can support small businesses!

3. Flowers and Plants

One of the most popular and romantic gifts for Valentine's Day is flowers. With bold colours, sweet smells, and so many different options to choose from, it's hard to go wrong with fresh blooms. 

As well, If your loved ones like plants, you can also consider purchasing a new plant to add to their home.

4. Vegan Essential Oils

Vegan essential oils also make great vegan Valentine's Day gifts. Breathe in the love in the air with a diffuser and some vegan essential oils. Whether it's lavender, jasmine, peppermint, or eucalyptus, essential oils have various different uses and can be used to make your home smell clean and delicious.

5. Vegan Spa Night Products

A vegan themed self care night can be a recipe for love on Valentine's Day. Finding vegan and eco-friendly beauty products can allow you to indulge in a cozy self care night. 

There are different skin care, bath, and makeup products that you can shop for depending on what your significant other favours. You can also pick up a cool face mask for you so you can join in on the fun!

6. Vegan Chocolate

Another very popular Valentine's Day gift is chocolate. However, for vegans, regular chocolate isn't something that is normally consumed. 

Some vegan businesses have created recipes for small batches of vegan chocolates that are the perfect gift for your valentine. 

Truffles and chocolates filled with rich and sweet flavours will have your significant other smiling. 

If you purchase truffles and chocolates as a gift for your loved one, also be aware of added sugars and allergies that might be present in the food.

7. Vegan Wine

Looking for a wonderful wine to pair with a nice dinner on Valentine's Day? Try a vegan wine! While you're cooking you can sip on the rich and exquisite flavours and enjoy the evening with your valentine!

8. Vegan Candles

One of the best ways to set the mood for your evening is by lighting a candle or two. Vegan candles are a great gift idea that you can pick up at a vegan store! With so many different smells to choose from, you can get a candle for every occasion!

9. Handmade Vegan Gift Box

Gifting can sometimes be hard when you don't know where to start. A unique way to combine all of your significant other's favourite things is with a basket packed full with all of their favourite things. 

You can include chocolate, spa products, their favourite snacks, a bouquet, and other cruelty free and vegan products. To be even more sustainable, find an eco conscious packaging option!

10. Vegan Sauces and Condiments

For the vegan foodie in your life that loves cooking and baking, you might try getting them vegan sauces and condiments. These sauces are filled with amazing flavours that will take your recipes to the next level.

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