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Vegan On A Budget Shopping List

Veganism fits easily into most people's lifestyles, even when on a tight budget. Eating vegan is actually quite affordable, especially since most typically vegan diet staples, like whole grains, beans and legumes are cheap, and cutting out expensive animal products saves even more money.

A Healthy Vegan Diet Without the Expense

There are several ways to save money when grocery shopping.

Start with your vegan grocery list and compare prices per gram, not per unit, for accuracy.

Buying at regular grocery stores or bulk stores, rather than health food stores, saves a lot of money. Find local apps showing where deals can be found, especially anti-food-waste apps for really great deals. Try clipping coupons or waiting for customer appreciation days.

If you know you'll use it, buy from bulk sections. Buying generic or store brands also helps keep the grocery bill minimal.

Stick to Staples

Vegan staples are filling and healthy.

Oats, quinoa, wheat, bulgar, buckwheat, and brown rice are all very affordable. These also keep well, so you can buy in bulk for extra savings.

Beans, legumes and pulses will be a staple, too, because they're great sources of iron, protein, and vitamins, and they're also cheap. Save even more by buying dried beans instead of canned beans. They're so versatile and used in many delicious recipes.

Frozen vegetables are cheaper and just as nutritious; plus, you can stock up when on sale. Frozen spinach or broccoli can be tossed into nearly anything. Veggie blends are great for stir fries, pasta casseroles, and many other dishes.

Some low cost fresh produce worth buying include sweet potatoes, potatoes, bananas, and apples. Always buy in season, for the best deals, and for fresher and more nutritious produce.

Nut milk is fairly cost effective to buy, and keep longer than regular milk, so you can stock up when on sale.

Skip Expensive Extras

You really don't need a lot of the more expensive foods that some associate with veganism, like plant-based protein powder, alternative animal bi-products, and others. These are more convenience items.

Avoid processed vegan foods which cost a pretty penny and sometimes aren't healthy. Instead, make extra when cooking for leftovers to freeze; having ready to eat food on hand reduces the need for convenience foods and eating out.

You don't need to buy organic, which costs more. Some produce, known as the dirty dozen, are more contaminated with pesticides, so if you wish, you can buy only these organic, and save on other produce.

Expensive super foods aren't critical for eating healthy. They are nutrient dense, but when you eat vegan, choosing a variety of whole foods, you still get the antioxidants and vitamins you need.

Meal Prep

A great way to save money is doing meal prep for the entire week. It cuts down on some of the time consuming aspects of cooking every night, including the emergency shopping trip to get something you need. It allows you to buy in bulk and plan groceries to reduce waste. You're also saving money because you're less likely to eat out or rely on convenience foods.

Keep staples like grains, beans, pasta, sauces, dressings, dips, hot sauce and other essentials always on hand.

Vegan Recipes

A good recipe book or website makes life much easier. Look for ones featuring the cheapest meals, like soups, stews, curries, veggie bowls, and pasta dishes. For exceptionally budget-friendly, easy meals, there are many one-pot, dump-and-go stews and soups are excellent.

Many people wonder if they'll always be hungry if they eat vegan. There are several affordable and filling options for eating throughout the day and for a satisfying dinner.


Some cheap vegan snacks are trail mix with nuts and dried fruit, roasted chickpeas, apples, celery and peanut butter, and veggies and hummus.


Start your day right with hearty overnight oats topped with nuts or peanut butter and fruit slices. You can also make whole wheat or oat flour pancakes by substituting nut milk and making a super easy "faux egg". Just add one tablespoon of ground flax to three tablespoons of water and soak for 15 minutes.


Some options for lunch are a veggie sandwich with hummus and lettuce, cucumber, peppers and tomato. A bean burrito with black beans, veggies, and rice, or vegan chili are more filling for busy days. A tofu and veggie stir-fry with brown rice is good for weekend lunches.


For a hearty and thrifty meal, try pasta with tomato sauce and frozen veggies, or a baked sweet potato with salsa, baked beans, or leftover vegan chili. For taco night, fill corn tortillas with beans, rice, diced sweet potato and other veggies. Stir fry vegetables with tofu and rice or noodles.

Going Vegan Easier

Don't overstress, especially when starting a vegan lifestyle - just try your best.

Most people find that they save time and stay budget-friendly with readymade sauces for throwing a meal together quickly. Some instant meals, like these soups, are just as convenient, but a lot cheaper, than eating out.

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