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Plant-Based Spins on Your Favourite Holiday Dishes

The holidays are a time for gathering with friends, family, enjoying delicious food and taking time to recharge after a busy and long year. This year, make it a little healthier by putting your La Dee Da Sauces to use and using them to take a healthier spin on your classic holiday dishes. For most people, their main course will consist of a protein, likely turkey, chicken, ham or a roast, starchy vegetables such as mashed potatoes or sweet potato casserole, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce and maybe a roasted vegetable or two. As delicious as that sounds, there are endless ways to creatively and deliciously add some extra vegetables to your dishes this year. In today’s blog post, we are sharing our favourite tips and tips for making some of your favourite dishes a little more plant-based. Make your menu entirely vegetable-based, or simply add more vegetable-dense offerings to your menu - either way, your meal is going to be more nutrient-dense than the year before!

Tip #1: Meatloaf

Who doesn’t love a delicious meatloaf? Whether it’s made with lentils, legumes or ground meat, meatloaf is a delicious and easy way to dish up a filling meal for your family this holiday season. Instead of using the classic ketchup in the recipe, sub in our Twelve Veggie Sauce for even more flavour and nutrition! If you’re like us and like your meatloaf extra saucy, heat up an extra twelve veggie sauce and pour it on top of your meatloaf before eating it!

Tip #2: Gravy, Upgraded

It is common to find a roasted turkey or chicken on the table in most households during the holidays. Some families prefer gravy, others prefer cranberry sauce, but one thing that can be agreed upon is that no one and I mean no one likes dried meat. Or tofurkey, whatever you’re into! This year, save yourself the effort of making gravy from scratch and heat up our Savoury Mushroom and Basil Sauce to pair with your protein of choice! Packed with hearty vegetables, whole ingredients and a smidge of pink Himalayan sea salt, you’ll be heading back for thirds this year it’s that good!

Tip #3: Shrimp Cocktail

Shrimp cocktails and finger foods are all the rage around this time of year! Instead of dishing your shrimp up with the famous seafood sauce, swap in our Butternut Squash and Beet Sauce or our Twelve Veggie Sauce for a healthier choice! We’ve packed both sauces full of vegetables and flavour, all whilst keeping the nightshade vegetables out. It’s keto, vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and nightshade-free, but one thing it will never be free from is flavour!

Tip #4: Start with an Appetizer

Depending on your size of family and the menu for the year, your holiday menu might include an appetizer. Instead of serving up your go-to salad this year, swap it out (or serve it with) a cozy bowl of soup from La Dee Da’s new soup line! Choose between Sweet Potato Minestrone Soup, Black Garlic Cauliflower & Ginger Carrot Soup, Spicy Thai Green Goddess Soup and Spicy Moroccan Lentil Soup. Start your holiday feast off the right way with a bowl chalked full of delicious vegetables before filling your belly with your yearly traditions!

Tip #5: Mashed Potatoes

Can a true Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner exist without mashed potatoes? These are a staple in almost every household, so we would dare take them away from you! We do however have a healthier substitution for you to try this year. Instead of whipping your potatoes with solely butter and sea salt, try adding our Savoury Mushroom and Basil Sauce for a creamy, lower-calorie and healthier alternative! Save the calories, but don’t skimp on the flavour. We don’t mess around when it comes to mashed potatoes either.

Tip #6: Alfredo Spaghetti Squash

Roasted vegetables make a delicious addition to any meal in the colder winter months. Although pasta might not be the first dish to come to mind, it is a delicious and filling option when you are looking for a crowd-pleasing meal. If you’re looking to put an Italian spin on your holiday dinner this year, roast spaghetti squash, tease out the pasta with a fork and serve with our Twelve Veggie or Butternut Squash and Beet Sauce for dinner this year!

Tip #7: Meatballs / Veggie Balls

If you’re looking for a simple, few ingredients, yet delicious meal - look no further! Meatballs, cooked in the slow cooker or pressure cooker are a dish that any individual can get behind. Cook them with beef, turkey, chicken or the meat of choice, or build them using hearty beans and legumes. Whichever way you choose, pour a jar of our La Dee Da Savoury Mushroom and Basil or Vegan Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce on top for a delicious sauce filled with even more vegetables!

Tip #8: Chips and Dips

If you’re pressed for time, serving picky eaters or are looking for a dish that can be whipped up in a matter of seconds, this is for you. Grab your favourite bag of tortilla chips, a box of crackers or pretzels and the collection of La Dee Da Sauces. Serving up a “Chip and Dip Style” appetizer is a fast way to feed your guest while saving you all the dishes! Let your guests choose their favourite sauce; 12 Veggies, Cauliflower Alfredo, Savoury Mushroom and Basil or Butternut Squash and Beet Sauce to pair with their chip or cracker of choice. Want to elevate this dish even more? Turn it into a charcuterie board with your favourite meats (or veggie meat!), cheese, fruit and nut/seeds of choice for an even more delicious offering!

Tip #9: Bruschetta with Balsamic Glaze

Freshly chopped tomatoes, basil and garlic mixed with La Dee Da 12 Veggie Sauce - name a better way to start a meal! Simply combine the three ingredients in a bowl, serve on top of the baguette or cracker of your choice and drizzle with olive oil and balsamic glaze.

Tip #10: Mini Personal Pizzas

We saved the best for last. A dish that every kid and adult will always agree upon. Grab your favourite brand of mini or thin pitas, top them with our 12 Veggies Sauce, your favourite combination of meat, vegetables and cheese, a sprinkle of sea salt and black pepper and then bake in the oven for 10 minutes on low heat. This dish also doubles for lunch the next day and can help use up the leftover meat!