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Why Cook with La Dee Da Sauces: Starting with Our Butternut Squash Beet Sauce!

If you are looking to add more butternut squash to your diet, why not start with our Butternut Squash Beet sauce? We’ve comprised some of the nutritional and health benefits of butternut squash that will make you want to stock up on our sauce ASAP.

Butternut squash has several different health benefits you should know about. Packed full of nutrition, butternut squash contains potassium, fibre, vitamin A, and vitamin C. These nutrients help in the aid of several potential health concerns.

In just a one cup serving of butternut squash there is almost 500 mg of potassium which can help with high blood pressure as the potassium works to decrease the effects of sodium in your diet. Keeping your blood pressure stable can also help with health issues like heart disease and stroke which can arise in those with high blood pressure.

Vitamin C can help boost the immune system and avoid illnesses worsening such as the development of a lung infection or pneumonia. Butternut squash contains 57% of the recommended daily intake for vitamin C, as well as the antioxidant beta-carotene that gives squash its rich orange pigment. Beta-carotene can be linked to lowering the risk of asthma.

Butternut squash is low in calories with one cup providing 82 calories, seven grams of fibre and 22 grams of carbohydrates. The fibre contents help increase the feeling of fullness and with almost no fat, butternut squash is a great aid in weight loss.

Packed full of these vitamins and minerals, butternut squash is essential for mothers-to-be with its high amounts of vitamin A that are vital for fetal development.

That’s why at La Dee Da Gourmet Sauces, we use butternut squash in our Butternut Squash Beet sauce. Our Butternut Squash Beet sauce is also a great tomato sauce alternative for those who have troubles digesting nightshade vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplant and peppers. For more information check out our blog post on how nightshade free vegetables may benefit you.

Pick up a jar of our ‘No-Mato’ for your pasta, pizza sauce or even just for dipping!

La Dee Da Gourmet Sauces Butternut Squash Beet Sauce